Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint @ Chartreuse

Michelle Stenson

Posted on November 16 2017

Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint @ Chartreuse

Chartreuse Flower Works is now carrying Debi’s Design Diary DIY PAint! I found Debi on Youtube when I was reasearching various Chalk Painting Methods to go along with my Bluestone House Chalky Patina Paint. The videos were just so fun, I love watching them and I always get great tips and ideas from them. I decided to look into whether or not I could offer these products to my customers. It was quite a wait until everything was orgainized for shipping into Canada, now I am one of only three shops in Canada who carries it!

For more info find Debi’s Website HERE

The colours are amazing and the coverage is great. I am looking forward to offering Bring Your Own Furniture Workshop in the coming Crafting Season!!!

Check out these Glorious Colours!!!

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