Flowers for Sandy Pines

Flowers for Sandy Pines



Unfortunately, Dasha found a bird in our backyard that she was rather rough with. I was able to collect the Robin and brought it to Sandy Pines for rehabilitation. It turns out it was an older bird with a previous wing injury, so it's good that I brought it in. While I was there, 2 other people brought creatures and the staff were absolutely running. Currently, they have 483 patients in hospital, not including the many animal friends that live on site.

This week we are doing a fundraiser for Sandy Pines. We have $25 little bouquets of mixed flowers available, all profits will be donated. You may order one for pick up or have it delivered for an additional cost. They will be available Tuesday to Friday. 

 Sandy Pines is also in need of many items which you can see listed in one of the product photos. They also do montly raffles. 

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