Queen's/ SLC/RMC

Queens, St.Lawrence and RMC students make up a large portion of Kingston's population. Kingston is lucky to have such a diverse group of people adding to our multicultural landscape and our students greatly add to our economy. Being away from home can be especially hard on special occasions and even just dealing with the everyday stress of academic life.

We offer a large collection of plants for cheering up dorm rooms, fresh flowers for your kitchen table and some really neat stationery options. We also host fun workshops throughout the year. 

Additionally, we cater to student deliveries, parents can call or order online from anywhere and we deliver. Again we have beautiful plants, fresh flowers, notebooks, pens and pencils. We also offer a personal shopping service in which we can pick up any item, perhaps a birthday cake or the birthday person's favorite candy! Gifting a private workshop on various subjects is also a really special gift to give.

For the very best and personal service please call 613-329-9443 or shop our collection here. https://chartreuseflowerworks.com/collections/queens-slc-rmc


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