Assorted Droste Chocolate Pastilles

Assorted Droste Chocolate Pastilles



Delicious and silky smooth dutch chocolate buttons in assorted flavours. 

About the famous Droste Chocolate Company 

Droste was founded by Gerardus Johannes Droste in 1863 in the city of Haarlem. The company started as a confectionery business selling various types of candy, including the Droste chocolate pastilles that are still being sold today. Because of the growing reputation, the firm G.J. Droste opened its first factory in 1890. The entire chocolate making process took place in the same building as where the retail store was located. In 1891, the factory was relocated to the river due to lack of room in the old building. This new location was favourable because the raw materials could now be delivered by boat. Likewise, the shipping of finished products was done on water, improving the distribution process.

In 1897, the leadership of the Droste factory was handed over to the sons of Gerardus J. Droste. In the meantime, Droste's assortment had grown to numerous cocoa and chocolate products, the famous Dutch chocolate letters included. The company had also been winning a significant market share in both the Netherlands and foreign countries, in spite of the competition from larger chocolate manufacturers. In 1898 Droste officially acquired the right to bear the coat of arms of Queen Dowager Emm. After the turn of the century the company had been exporting its products to Belgium, Germany and France, and in 1905 it entered the American market.

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