Chartreuse weddings, from the heart.

I may be biased to say that flowers are one of the most important somethings to add beauty and joy to your special day. Many of my brides tell me that they had no idea how much they would enjoy their bridal bouquet; they wish that they could keep it forever. Most brides do a good job at drying them out, some brides return them to me a few days later and I dissemble them, dry them and then put them back together. I really love this extra service that I don’t believe any other shop in Kingston offers.

For the past thirty years I’ve been working diligently to perfect my practice in regard to wedding work. Each wedding that comes along I learn something new about the entire process from the couple’s perspective including everything from shopping for a florist, how couples make decisions as to which florist to choose, how to decide on a colour palette and which blooms are preferred and of course the logistics, the who, what, where and why of everything. Also from my own perspective, with each couple that comes along I try to use the best vocabulary and descriptions of both my service and finished work that will instill a complete sense of trust in my work and a meaningful connection so that each couple knows that I am absolutely emotionally invested in the overall magic of their wedding and that I will do everything I can possibly to enhance it. Even if that means showing up to deliver flowers only to find that something about the ceremony or reception space is off, I know its not really up to me to move a table or replace faded flowers the baker used, or insist that a venue vacuum one more time, or fix your table numbers because they won’t stand up, however I do this because  my couples mean a lot to me and I want the best for them. My reviews are a testament to that.

Booking me for your wedding gets you a long-term friend who will look out for you and make sure you get the very best of everything. I absolutely adore being part of that very first step of a long and happy life, I wait for the good things to happen for you and I love to see people come back for their baby showers, then the arrival of the baby, a house plant for a new home, birthdays and of course anniversaries. These connections are what make my life and work meaningful.

Chartreuse offers the service in which I call “I do what needs to be done” If you want something and I have 100% confidence that whatever it is will last the whole day and be mechanically sound I will do it for you, if I don’t have that confidence to allow me to sleep well the night of your wedding I might say no however,  together we work out how we can make your idea work. 

In terms of providing you with a quote, we need to have a real live in person, video chat or phone call so I can find out exactly what you need and assess how we can meet your budget. Contact me and I will send you some great information on preparing for your consultation including how to effectively research florals, a time line of my process and a list of things you may or may not need. We do have some basic pricing minimums to keep in mind. Whatever you need, big or small, come to Chartreuse, Kingston’s most magical flower shop to get the most personal service and perfection of product. 


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