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People come to Chartreuse Flower Works because it is the most magical flower shop in Kingston.

Chartreuse Flower Works, An Experience

When I was 13, my Mother found me a job working in a flower shop on Saturdays to keep me supervised while she worked at the bank. It turns out my Mother gave my $25 a day wages to the florist, who would then "officially" pay me for my work so it would appear to be a legitimate job in my mind. The second I walked into that shop, the very word florist and all it stood for entered into my bloodstream and became a part of my very DNA. I continued to work in local shops in Kingston until I graduated High School and headed to Ottawa to take the Florist Program at Algonquin College. It was a strange place to be; only 17 and already had four years of experience, and I loved every second of it. After graduation, I was fortunate enough to travel to the Netherlands for a three-month apprenticeship in a shop there. I lived on a pig farm, rode a green bicycle to work and drank in all things floral, oh and ate all the cheese and chocolate!

Fast forward to 2023, I am now celebrating the 10th anniversary of my most beloved achievement Chartreuse Flower Works. Every day I get to work with my dog, mentor youth in the shop and do work that has bringing joy to others at its core. If I won the lottery, I would never give it up.
Chartreuse Flower Works boasts old-fashioned service, unique products, handmade items, Dutch confectionary flowers seldom seen and old-time favourites. Chartreuse Flower Works is an experience, whether in the shop, on the phone, viewing my website or as the recipient of my work; the process is exceptional from start to finish.

For more information about my Teaching background and the new Florist Assistant Certification Course, find that section on my site.

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