Florist Assistant Certification Course

Chartreuse Flower Works is celebrating its 10th year in business, owned and operated by an Ontario Certified Teacher, Michelle J Stenson, who brings 29 years of experience in the floral industry, and 27 mentored students to date. Mentoring youth in the shop has been her life's most personally fulfilling endeavour. This course is designed for students Grade 7 through 12 and will be an extraordinary life-changing experience. Students will learn everything they need to walk into any flower shop, be trained and be ready to work. Floristry is a niche profession in which skilled employees are scarce; the course makes participants market ready and sought-after. We focus on interpersonal skills, telephone use, finance, customer service, retail operations, flower science, and various art projects. It builds confidence, problem-solving skills and personal growth
Adult Course April 15th,16th and 22, 23rd
July 10th to 14th
August 7th to 11th
August 14th to 18th
Full-week sessions are offered during March Break and throughout the summer. Weekend Sessions are on 2 Saturdays and Sundays consecutively.

Class Schedule (Rough Draft)

Monday, Tuesday, 9 to 4, In Shop, bring your lunch. Topics: Flower ID, Science, care and handling, Tool pouch and apron construction.  Sweeping lessons, industry overview, everyday operations, interpersonal skills, bouquet making, wedding and minor holiday prep, florist first aid.

Wednesday, 9 to 4. Bring your lunch. Field trip in the afternoon to local flower shops and a greenhouse. Transportation via Passenger Van. Waiver Form Required. Paper Flowers and Major holiday prep, finance and administration (cash register, banking, letter mailing)

Thursday, 9 to 4, In Shop. Bring your lunch. Mini walking field trip to Coffee Way, Division and Concession. Major Holiday prep, arrangement making, art projects

Friday, 9 to 6 In Shop. Catered lunch. End of session/ 10th Anniversary celebration for customers, friends and family. Students will run the shop themselves from 4 to 6. Sale item preparation, set up for the event, candy packaging, and arrangement making. Cake eating!

Course and Florist Requirements 
  • Grades 7 to 12 students
  • Ability to safely operate small hand tools (scissors, secateurs etc.).
  • Ability to lift 20 to 30 pounds
  • Ability to stand for long periods
  • Must have closed-toed comfortable shoes, no heels.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, the shop's classroom and restroom are not accessible for wheelchairs.
  • Transportation waiver required
Course Highlights, various art projects, flower arranging and packaging, heat gun smores, unlimited dog petting, goldfish care, card making, paper flower making, toaster oven cookies, tool kit and apron creation (yours to keep) and endless fun.
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We are also offering a similar course for adults in April. We have not created the layout of the course yet but it will follow the above format minus the feild trip and with more age appropriate activities. Stay tuned for more!.
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