Certification Course

This course is designed for students Grades 9 to 12. When completed, the student will be qualified to walk into any flower shop and be trained and ready to work. The course covers Flower science, ID and processing, basic flower arranging, Flower shop operations, customer service, telephone and interpersonal skills, holiday specific tasks along with various relevant art projects. The course includes a field trip to other local Flower shops as well as an end of course celebration in which the students will be responsible for running the shop themselves for their friends and family.

The first session is this March Break. The cost is $577 plus tax. This is a highly specialized and exclusive program that provides an education that is not offered anywhere.
Chartreuse Flower Works is celebrating 11 years in business and is owned by an Ontario Certified Teacher. To date 48 students have been trained at the shop, some of the students have experienced some barrier to employment and challenges. The shop owner has experience mentoring teens through a variety of unique challenges.
Please call for more information 613-329-9443 
This is not a March Brea Camp, it's a life changing experience. 

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