Quiryanna's signature Christmas Arrangement

Quiryanna's signature Christmas Arrangement



Three years ago I started working with Michelle at 14 years old. I couldn't believe I had gotten my first job at such a cool place after volunteering here for several years. My first "real" task was wrapping Christmas arrangements nice and warm before they went out the door. I was overjoyed to be working at the most magical place at the most magical time of year. From there I advanced to making smaller things to bring home to my family, to selling my own stuff in the store, to making a certification course with one of my favourite people (Michelle of course!), to now having my own Christmas arrangement on our website.

To celebrate my three years at Chartreuse, I will be handmaking every one of my signature arrangements. My arrangements shall include my favourite high quality classic Christmas flowers and foliage, and a personal touch of Christmas kitch with some classic Christmas thing-a-ma-bobs :)

Just a reminder to all you people that you aren't buying the exact arrangement. I'm not perfect and I cant make the exact same thing every time. you are buying my inspired arrangement. 


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