Deliveries, My Favorite Job

Michelle Stenson

Posted on January 10 2019

Deliveries, My Favorite Job

Over the years I have made some interesting deliveries, I have broken into someone's house (with a spare key) and transformed an apartment into a magical space for an engagement, I have delivered to the hospital at midnight due to sad circumstances, I have delivered on Christmas Day, I have secretly delivered to workplaces without a certain employee seeing, and many other interesting situations. Generally speaking, I do what needs to be done. Delivering flowers is a job like no other, especially when it is an item you have hand crafted yourself from start to the finishing touch of a handmade card.  Most of the time I am unable to get out of the shop so I have to send deliveries by courier and then they get to have all the fun.

When I take my orders I find out as much as I can about the recipient, what they may like, not like, what the occasion is, what their mobility situation is etc. I enjoy delivering to elderly persons most of all as the process is much more involved and personal. I always call ahead to book a time to deliver and confirm their address, if I have been given information regarding mobility, I ask ahead of time if I may come in to unwrap the arrangement and place it where they wish.

I especially enjoy delivering to apartment buildings because when I buzz up I get to cheerfully call out "flower delivery!". I also enjoy the ride in the elevator with someone as they always say "is that for me?" and then we have a good laugh. Usually when I get to the correct floor, I have a cute and happy face waiting for me at their front door, I ask again if they wish me to help them inside and I usually get a yes. Then we unwrap it together and I show them each individual flower and bit of foliage and we go over their names. I then usually ask them if they have any little jobs that need to be done while I'm there or offer a birthday hug if I think they could use it. #BESTJOBEVER 

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