For Your Sweetheart

Valentine's Day is upon us again, Chartreuse deeply supports love in all its shapes and sizes. Valentine's Day is so special to us as it marks our shop anniversary. If you want to know more about that and get a glimpse behind the scenes check out this article:

The most important thing to us is customized service and perfection of product. If you call and say "I have a weird question/ idea" the answer back is always "Yes, whatever it is, we can make it happen". For the very best service call us 613-329-9443 

We have handmade greeting cards both vintage inspired and modern, flowers and flowers and flowers as well as Lindt Chocolate in a variety of flavors with gorgeous packaging. 

 Please note, we buy the very best quality flowers which is reflected in our prices, you have our guarantee that you will receive perfection. We could purchase roses at less cost but we just don't want our name on that kind of product. If you are not sure what to order or if you have a set budget in mind, please call us directly for the very best service. Your purchase is supporting a florist, her two dogs, a bath tub full of goldfish and all her hopes and dreams. 

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