Rose Bouquet Wrapped Cellophane

Rose Bouquet Wrapped Cellophane



Roses are limited, please call the shop directly or select florist's best!

A beautiful collection of twelve roses featuring a unique selection of accent flowers and foliage lovingly in floral paper and cellophane with a gorgeous pink and white striped ribbon. This is the perfect option for someone who has a collection of vases at home. Valentine's Day roses come with a full size handmade greeting card, a little gift from us to you. 

Valentines Day Prices!

Here is the deal, the prices of roses at Valentine's Day are triple and anything that happens to be red or pink! I had the option of buying really inexpensive roses so I could keep my prices lower however, my standards of what I want to put the Chartreuse name on are exceedingly high. I want to offer the very best product I can even if it may cost more. You cannot beat the lasting power, product and service you will get from Chartreuse and you are supporting a local gal, her dogs and goldfish. If you have questions or are wondering how you can work with your budget please call the shop, we can get something together that you will love and in your price range. 613-329-9443

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