Floral Teddy Bear, Made With Love

Michelle Stenson

Posted on November 16 2017

Floral Teddy Bear, Made With Love

Well, this week someone went through my website and found a photo of a floral teddy bear I had made for The Boys and Girls Club Teddy Bear Picnic a few years ago. This customer wanted to send this bear to their loved one who was not well, after hearing about the recipient and their story I knew that I had to really make the nicest bear ever. If you are ever wondering if florists put love into their work… the answer is YES, we absolutely do and sometimes we need to add extra love and positive energy to go out with the delivery. In fact, when I remember I tuck my little picture of St. Theresa who is the patron saint of florists into my bride’s bouquets the night before the wedding, in fact I have several for the times when I have more than one Bride to care for.

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